Friday, February 02, 2007

Home At Last

Finally I can have a peaceful weekend (as long as not a boring one) back home in eE-pOh. And I'm able to upload photos taken from my stay so far in Sunway. First I'm gonna show the condo I'm staying.

Fatty's Bathroom

Kitchen's Fridge, medium sized. Not too big but at least it's sufficient.

Cooking stove, gas tank provided. Loads of instant noodles. Muhaha

Washing Machine Area, which is just next to the kitchen.

Shoes Department. I guess most of the shoes here doesn't belong to me.

Living room - My cuzzie and my bro

A nights' view of the Highway from out living hall's window.

Tong dapao loads of food here one day. Since we couldn't finish it we have to keep it overnight. The next evening, I was trying to figure out how to reheat the food since we don't have a big pot or a wok. And I ended up.....

Heating 1st plate on a small pot with water inside. Underneath the plate were a pair of chopsticks supporting.

2nd Plate

3rd one was heated together with the cooked rice. Tsk! I hope we can get a wok soon. I'm tired of eating at the shops downstairs! Puke!

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