Friday, February 02, 2007

Comet's Adventure - Day 1

21st January 2007 - Mummy brought me to a house with humans. Is she going to sell me? I'm so scared. I trembled when I was inside the lift. I was being placed inside a box. Everything was packed including my pen was dismantled too. Where are they bringing me to? When I reached there, I was lifted out from the box. I pee-ed inside. Hmmm..after I was being cleaned, I was allowed to run around freely. I started exploring.

Resting on the floor

Sitting on my kai-ma's lap taking photo. Look at my long and pink tongue.

Resting beside Uncle Alan's feet. I do like licking and biting him ocassionally. Ended up I get shouting and scolding by him.

Kai-ma put me on the sofa to have a better view of the floor =P Loadsa rubbish here.

This is where I pee, poo and sleep. It's being set up in the hall. See the newspaper? It's for me to do my business. It was taped by my mummy. She scared that I will ripped the newspaper into pieces. I will if she beats me :P

My kai-ma's favourite pose. She calls it the katak pose wherelse my mum called that a Superman pose.

This is my kai-yeh. What's on his hand?

I want to have a sniff. If u don't gimme I'll bite ya with my mighty teeth! Grrr

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