Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm Hired!..Finally

Too excited to be true. Today, went for an interview at a image company. I thought I was gonna be late cause of the stupid traffic jam. I started journey at 9am man. Anyway managed to find my way to the office thru cry's help. The company not bad. When I got there, no one was at the reception. So I asked a guy for help. An IT fella I reckon. I was asked to wait at a meeting room. Waited for like 10 minutes and I was asked to wait at a smaller meeting room. There I go, and soon a middle aged lady came in. Greeted me with a warm smile and sat down after introducing each other. Well, the interview went smoothly, with questions about my family, my background and my previous job. After 20 minutes of interview, she said she was OK with me, cause she wanted to look for someone with fluent English and so forth. She was a nice lady. Oh btw, we have same surname. LOL That's what she said. Well, I got hired in the end. My heart leaped with joy man!!! I was so happy that I can finally worked and not having to stay at home so bored! I was given the offer letter to sign on the same day. I'll be starting work on 15th January! Yippeeee~~ Oh btw, the position I'm hired for is Image Research Specialist.

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