Monday, January 22, 2007

Comet the Lightning

Yesterday (21st January 2007) was the first day of arrival at my condo for Comet. It was kinda easy to smuggle him in. He was put inside a box. He made no noise at all man. When we entered the condo, opened the box, he was inside trembling and pee-ed. Crys and Tim set up the play pen. Comet ran around the house happily. He was soooooooooo cute and friendly. Silky's behaviour I suppose. After Crys and Tim left, I continued playing with him. He can run quite fast, but one thing, he's very the super alert and very impatient. I was about to gave him a snack when he sat down on the floor, he jumped up and bit my finger. Blood oozed out instantly. So pain -.-. He's a very good boy, very quiet and knew how to pee and poo at the right spot. When I said "pou pou" instantly he comes to me and let me carry him. He's scared of people shouting at him. Few times I caught him entering the kitchen, I said NO, he jumped and back off, running to me. Heh. When I put him on top of the sofa, he sat there and run around sniffing my bag and all. The cutest part was, when he does the SIU G pose on the floor. Whenever he lay down, he'll do that. HAHA. Took a couple of photoes of him but too bad this cyber cafe doesn't have USB port. I shall post his photoes for cry and tim's reference. As they'll be going off to Korea in two days time.

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