Saturday, January 06, 2007

Happy New Year!

Just saw the photos for New Year celebration at y2K today. Oh gawd it was so ugly. Uploaded by Orange. Only two of my photoes were inside that batch of photos. There are some in someone else's HP, but god knows whose. Well, both x'mas and new year's celebration doesn't have much difference. We practically have same people, same street party except for a longer one for New Year and same pricing. It was my unlucky night as I lost my dad's mobile. Immediately went home to cancel my line after I got home. As usual Alan went KO as well as my cousin Nicole. I wasn't in the mood at all after I lost my handphone.

I was sprayed by god knows who that night. My whole face was covered with snow spray. I regret going to Nesh's table to join my brother man. And regretted taking that can of snow spray from Kelvin!! And ended myself with a wet, sticky and smelly hair. Argh! That's why I hated snow spray so much! The table on the right to ours, was spraying so hard. I nearly shouted at them cause they kept running around and those snows were blown into our drinks and body. They look like, what?, old bunch of uncle and aunties coming to clubbin. Not much shows were on that night. There's a bunch of girls dancing? But nothing special about that dance anyway. The songs they collaborate with the dancing moves sucks. It's like not more than 5 seconds, they change to another song. Duh!

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