Saturday, December 30, 2006

Goodbye eE-pOh

Finally, yesterday managed to settle down at Ridzuan Condo. At first we were considering Mentari Court, but I don't really like that place. Ridzuan Condominium is a place hidden from noise. This enables students, my bro and Orange on this case, to really concentrate on their studies. Despite its location, this condominium is free from all sorts of unwanted noises - engines, people partying in midnights and alarms as well as malls? Well, at least not within walking distance. I bet my bro wouldn't walk cause he's like a Puteri lilin. He's hates getting himself sweaty.

I got scolded by a bloody agent yesterday for not viewing his house. Pearly on the other hand was a very nice lady. This Andy, he sms-ed and scolded F U. I was like wtf? Are you an agent or coaxer? He repeatedly told me that some people are interested to take the unit if I don't want. I just told him not to wait for me. The bottomline is, I find him so disturbing man. Eventually, I never wanted to pick up his call at all. I hang up on him. He still calls. Called until my mobile's batt dried up. Screw that fella. If any of you guys wanted to look for a place to stay, this guy is definately not a good choice to choose from. His contact num :- 0123767071. I got his contact from The Star website. When I checked the website today, his classified ad wasn't there anymore. Bravo XD

Sigh. Thinking that I have to shift on the 2nd Jan, I felt kinda reluctant to go. My baby Germaine, my dad and granny. And friends. All you peeps play a very important role in my life =) I'm gonna miss u guys man. Cheers! Happy New Year!~

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