Friday, September 09, 2011

karma hits big time

spoke to a hometown friend whom i used to work with and hung out everyday. midway through, reminds me of someone whom i think is a real attention whore, a green eyed monster too.

i just wanted to say..

i don't usually remember people who loikes to defame others, so don't bother addin' me up, nosy parker. too bored? guess karma's just hit. and what's yer name again? fink u should just go visit a shrink cause u might have BPD.

someone who once dated my ex. and asking' for my permission. do i look like i fuck care? i don't even give a shit after what you've done to me and the rest. i bet u have nightmares every night for all the lies you've told.

friends knew me well, that if you don't mess with me, i wouldn't have gotten so pissed.

there's a reason why all of em' hates you and you don't have any true friends around. even your bestest friend left you. may i laugh?

serves you right and it felt so good sayin this.

xoxo. ❥ ann

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