Thursday, June 23, 2011

time for some updates

Been busy jugglin' my time between work, and leisure. The given twenty four hours is just ain't enough for me.

My aunt passed away just two days ago due to cancer. I feel bad for being not able to pay her her last visit. I'm bound in Tioman for me diving open water course. My condolences...

This was a four days three nights trip. Bee and I had our stay at Sofia aka Sri Tioman...bee booked this place in advance and requested for water heater but when we arrived we were given another chalet due to unforeseen circumstances - the air con had malfunctioned. Bummer. As I have "allergy" to extremely cold water and I wished the temperature wouldn't be as cold as it was in Genting. (btw I don't mean Genting Highlands)

Overall, was satisfied with the seaview chalet given. The major setbacks were - the place is filled with millions of mozzies and the frequent blackouts. Imagine having a no-air-con-with-mozzies-attack-room. We got the room at a cheaper rate due to the unforeseen scenario at only 90 per night.

Interested? The name used to be called Sri Tioman but now it seems ha changed to Sofia. Location wise, is in Tekek which is about 10 mins walking distance from jetty to the chalet - located just beside East Tioman Diver Centre.

If you find it too far to walk, you may request for transportation with extra charges.

Food wise, you gotta check out the local malay BBQ seafood, located beside a Chinese seafood shop - the BBQ squid was freakinly awesome *yummy* and the Tom yum was spicy enough to liking!!

Apart from that, Germaine has had her first beach outing this year - to Cherating *hearts* we headed here before Tioman trip. I feel bad (again?!) for not takin Meeko along. She's always the one who stays at home =(

It was fun!! Minusing the growlins, and barkings for no reasons xD beh tahan with all the furkids' cuteness *grins*

That's all for nao...

xoxo. ❥ ann

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