Friday, April 01, 2011

me love unicorns

yesterday we were discussin' on the new upcoming local horror movie - KRU production, Karak and it's urband legend. am lookin forward to watch it in the cinema, love the suspense but boyfy wasn't interested. btw that's not my point of this post today.

it suddenly striked me on something horrific but funny in a way..there's a dumb story that i remembered when readin Great Teacher Onizuka manga. well it goes like this..Onizuka was tellin this story to his students...
this is a story I had long time ago from one of my older friends in my gang. it was a warm day, right in the middle of a rainy season. i think it was in Yokohama’s Isezaki neighbourhood. there was a rumour that there is a dumpling shop sellin dumplings made out of human meat. the owner of the dumpling shop said that the last person who bought it screamed out loud, but the buyer did not care and still bought the dumpling. Yeah so he, as in he bought it…

but…when he entered a dark alley, he suddenly felt like there is someone followin him. he turns around, there was nobody there. he got scared so he opened his box of dumpling. When he opened it, one of the dumpling is missin. then he heard a voice sayin “in the beginning, just one wasn’t enough”. he was really bothered by that, so at the next corner he opened that box again, and there is one less dumpling again.

So, the guy finally scared and started to rush home. he finally calms down, and opened the box, but this time for some reason, two more dumplings was no where to be seen. he got freaked out and closed the lid one more time, with an attempt to open it again. when he did that - nothin… not a single dumpling at all. all of it disappeared.

he became terrified, and when he opened the lid one more time to peek in he realized that all of the dumplings were actually stuck on the top of the box lid.

wtf roflmao!! it'd be funnier if you read the actual manga. xD have fun! it's episode 21 and name of the epi would be something like "the steamed dumpling fear".


  1. Obviously!!! Lol the doraemon also damn funny lor hahaha with the bowling balls stuck on his hands wtf

  2. Told u Onizuka is worth reading manga


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