Tuesday, March 22, 2011

through it all...

I love being held. I love when I am in someones arms, and I know that they would do anything for me. yea, I know its selfish but that is what I love. I love wakin up to someone and smilin and havin them smile back. When you are cold, and you are sharing a blanket and you have their sweatshirt on. your hair is all a mess and your breath smells and you nuzzle up to their neck and they nuzzle you back and wrap their arms around you. and you smile. And fall right back asleep.

I love walking into a room and he smiles back at you, you work your way over, making googiley eyes just for fun until you reach him, and then he wraps you in a big hug and you say hi and act like you haven’t seen each other in ages. That is a great feelin.

Him takin the effort to wake up unusually early to fetch me to and from work. As early as 7am. Helpin me take care of my furkid when I'm not around.

Feelin the rush of his lips trail down your body, covering every spot of skin. Giving in to him, giving him what you both want. Feelin like one. Knowing your love will not fade. Knowin givin him that will make him keep you forever, just as you want.

The happy moments, the secret smiles. Going out with friends and family and sayin something they don’t get, but he gives me that look that tells me he got it and he found it funny. We'd burst out laughin.

The tears after a big fight. And I'd wish he'd run over to dry them with kisses, not being able to sleep until he knows I am better.

The silent way people drift apart, the way the secret smiles fade. The fights end in crying with no one to hold you. the way your world seems to collapse, but you know this isn’t the way its supposed to be.

YELLING AT HIM TO FIX IT. even though you know you did more damage than he did.

Being completely in love with him. and him with you.

You refusing to find someone else because you want him.

The complications. The tears. The heartache.

The feeling of love through it all.

xoxo. ❥ nee

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