Friday, February 18, 2011

Come with me to the sea of love

I miss "wu lou tujuh" laughter when we went movie together (?!?!)
I miss chatting with Jill ranting bout our problems
I miss being crazy and laugh bout it
I miss hangin out together and talk non stop till wee hours..

I pretty much miss every thing.

The one thing that's concerning me is that, even though I do still with them, few of my favourite people, in the same environment, doing similar things, it's not going to ever be the same again.

I never thought I would miss it, but I do.
I'm currently lying slap bang in the middle of  bee's double bed, with one duvet, four comfy pillows, two teddys and a dog coverin me. I want to listen to music, but I recently sync-ed my phone to bee's iTunes and poof..all my songs were gone. It's been ages since I *ahem* new songs. I felt so outdated and old at the same time. The kiasu-ism in me, heh. But there's always 704 on Astro. Current song playing, one of my all time fav, Pink's Sober.
Why sync btw? Because Cydia is givin us a crappy hard time especially BiteSMS. Us, I meant I wasn't the only one havin the same problem. Siew Mai had the same thing too and resulted in a black out on my iPhone for a night.

Anyways, bee went to work around 10 this morning. I can't be bothered to get out of bed though. I am too warm and toasty. I had a hard time getting my eyes fully opened.

I just thought I'd write a lil' sumin'sumin' because I was bored. :)

CNY has finally ended - with chinese Valentine's day or what we called Chap Gor Meh (the 15th Night).
Eventhough I ain't a big fan of Valentine, this year I wish for not just love. I wish to live in present moment, to love every day, to love people I'm spending my time with, and I wish for more passion! Passion is very important for going each step forward every time and learnin about new things. And I mean it in every way you can imagine. We all know, or wish to know, how passion in love feels like. That's why I wish, for you, the bumble bee and for me, more passion in life..

HAHAHA passionate-ism.

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