Wednesday, January 19, 2011


View snapped from bee's condo

Knitted baby snowy cap and shoes. Pinky cute! Interested? Lemme know and I'll send you the contact.

Germaine's new elephant plushie whereby now has been tortured tremendously and is currently blinded on the left eye. Poor thing.

Cupcakies but never get to eat cause I was so sick.

Germaine <3

Cookie baby enjoying her snacks while I kacao-ed.

Meeko baby. Miss miss xD

Siew mai's goldie. Sounds like pokemon wtf.

The pictars above, instagram, a free iPhone app. Get it from app store and try it out yourselves.

Btw, Cooks Island is friggin pwetty that i wanna go and live there. the reef, the sea and the white sandy beach. *dreams* Spotted this place on tv.
I've been watching several reality survival shows. As educational as it may seemed, but still i don't think there's a point in these kinda show where you steal bird's egg and kill innocent wild animals. Yeah everything's a cycle but in the event of increasing number of these kinda so called reality shows? I don't see the necessity.

Friggin hate my life nao. Plastics everywhere - fake! I hate rules. I hate regulations. And i hate terms and conditions. Fuck care and to hell with it. Empty promises doesnt work well with me. What's happened to my happenin life? I miss you so muchie. Come back.

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