Monday, October 11, 2010

there's always a better tomorrow

there's so much that i wanted so much to tell you...but i chose not to. everyone says this is wrong...this is not how i am supposed to be treated as..not suppose to believe in the things you've said...but i chose to believe in your words. and that i am insanely crayzee to let myself suffer...but i ignored and pretended that i am okay. i sanely and clearly knew one day that we will part our ways. i wish you'd tell me so i'd do my part. sometimes i'd rather you tell me the truth than hearin or seein it happenin by myself. is this what it's supposed to be? is this what i'm supposed to feel? idk. i hate all these emo posts. off to bed. nights for nao.


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  1. gal, ignored n pretended that u r okay for temporary..but if for long term, u'll miss out lots of things...everyone deserve to be loved..loves, which can come from lover,family, and Friends:)

    There's up and down in life (including love) up my


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