Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Mr. Nice Guy my ass

Weird things happened one after another. An anonymous messaged me moment ago in my facebook inbox ::

"hey what's up? sounded so emo. shoulda be happy to get rid of someone like him. playin the fool flirting ard with gals. hu knows he has std? ...(bla bla bla and i'd like to skip this shitty part) do u noe what's dat? anyway guys like him are useless. tryin to be mr. nice guy and be nice to each and every gal he meets. never satisfied with what he has. this sorta humans will never un the word enough. never will appear in their own dictionary. he will know who's being nice to him and who's not. a momma's boy will forever be momma's boy - always depending on parents" and on and on.

heck know who this person was. idk. I don't give a damn. I've done everythin I could. i'd always respect people's decision. even if it's just a tactic to get rid of me. but what this anonymous said was partly right. but anyway I'm just too ignorant to care bout all these nao. if he's not meant to be just let go. if he comes back, like that will happen, I'd be a vegetarian and quit yumcha for the rest of my life. Geez.

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  1. I thought to bring you eat sushi, but you wanna be a vegetarian ar ? then suan :D


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