Thursday, October 21, 2010


They say, "if someone isn't meant to be with you, let em' go. if it's meant to be, they'll come back to you." I've never believe nor think that this quote make any sense. When you are capable of lettin' go it means you've prolly moved on. So by the time that person comes back, it means nothin' anymore. You don't appreciate what you have previously and when you realized you should and turns back, it might've been too late isn't it? Or you turned back cause you have nobody anymore? Call em' selfish call em' stupid. Mistakes are meant to be made to make room for colors in life.Take it or leave it. Things will never be the same anymore. No matter what you say or do. It's a matter of time and patience.

Nuff said. Imma sleep cuz my hand's in pain. Played squash today and ended up I couldn't even squeeze a bottle of contact lens solution properly =( can't wash mah hair even. Imma show a funny pictar of Germaine and Cookie ...

Looks funny I couldn't stop smiling xD.

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