Friday, May 07, 2010

Penang is way warmer than anywhere else I've been

Venue : Restaurant Bee Wei, Jalan Dua, Penang. (Opposite Beng Heang Ba Kut Teh)

Bihun (used for fish fillet bihun type) with wine and yam. Yummy. First glance, I thought it was mee suah. RM12.

Sar hor fun with fish fillet. Freaking cheap only RM10.

Steamed fish with wine I suppose. Rm35.

Marmite chicken =)

Fresh brinjal. Very very nice. Yum yum.

There's one more dish but were too busy indulging myself into them that I did not manage to snap :P

Overall, price is reasonable and food is yummy. Total price was RM88.80. Haha beli magnum :P

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