Monday, January 04, 2010

Banana without monkeys

when out of so many friends that you have, but the one that you had your eyes on was him. loadsa question pops out. why him and not the rest? why now, this moment? how? you'd keep askin yourselves millions of question but prolly ended up gettin no answers at all. what if, the particular person is attached or have no interest to develop further from friendship? wait? feel heartbroken and give up? be third party or just lie to yourself that being friends with him is more than sufficient? humans are greedy. they would not be satisfied with something they have, they'd ask for more. what if, there's no respond or answer at all and you were left hanging mid-air? dang. too many what ifs. there's loadsa questions which there's no answer to it. it an be an A answer for me but B to another. i guess it all depends on how you look at it. you may choose to ignore it, forget bout it and moved on, or bury urself into depression and put a full stop to whatever you're doin. still, the world is spinnin and you gotta move on. easier said than done.there's no such thing as 'i can't live without u' thing. easier said than done.

it's rainin. makin my 'sum ching' so 'yuk shuen'. i love the rain. it's a sleepmaker.

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