Thursday, December 31, 2009

What's da BIG deal?

No inspiration to blog lately.

X'mas passed. New year's next. Why is everyone so excited bout it?-.- I missed the chance to go Singapore with Aaron (and to meet her gf hahahaha!) wtf I wanna gooooo *cries* just don't feel like stayin here in KL =( Jam everywhere. Imma stay home with bottles of hoegaarden. Myself and Germaine :P I wish he'd ask me out *dreams*

Was at Brussels yester night. Melissa and I. We were there for less than half hour (cant believe it myself) lol after minutes of ranting and complaining we decided to head to Island Cafe. She wanted Kampai. Met up with spongebob aka Aaron and got my specs back *grins*

What's the big deal of today being the last day of the year and tomorrow being the first day of the decade? Like you'll get wiser, healthier or richer? Crap. Phone running out of batt. Chiao :P

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