Sunday, December 13, 2009

So happy I could die

Everyone's been asking what's this all about. Do I sound chirpy? No. Maybe ignoring me will make me happy. Somethings wrong.

Today i iz emo. Don't ask why. I'm beyond words. Hope things will get better in coming days, weeks, months and years. Greedy pot I am. Just want to be happy without worries. I'm about to say farewell to my nightlife, abnormal sleeping hours and hi to new colleagues, boss and system. I should be happy that I get to off on x'mas and new year. No. The excitement isn't there. I used to work on PHs and nearly getting my CNY AL rejected. I don't give a shit at all.

Where are my formal clothes? My Key Ng's working bag and my working heels? No where to be found. Frustrated.

Now, I'm feeling better cuz I'm not 'happy' now. Can't control everyone. Take it or leave it. It's 5:30am. Nights.

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