Sunday, December 27, 2009


Yup. Im back to Ipoh and I'm not gonna go back anymore.

Kiddin. The stomach pain is killin me =( depressed depressed. Don't ask why. I went karaoke @ K Box and unbelievably sang only 3 songs. Only! Kay's "hei thip gai", and two other FIR ones. Drowned myself with Heineken and was totally zoned out.

Looked so fat in this top. Geez. I'm growing fatter =( where's mah thinspiration gone? Everyone's gonna hate me for being fat. Gosh I'm so the emo.

Pressie from mah cuzzy. Belated. Haven't met her for a while. Missed the time when we used to hang out together.

Lately, I've not been able to concentrate. Don't know why. Things just doesn't always happen like how we want it to be. Live with it I guess. Nobody's gonna give a damn fcuk when you're dead.

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