Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Trip v2

Heyo beyo. Finally I'm havin weekends for off~ after so many months. Mah friends were complaining why I have weird off days. Hmmm. Anyways I'm back to deal with important stuff. Had to meet up with mah lawyer for discussion. Troublesome, yes, but I gotta do my job =) thankfully I don't need to drive. Eagle came to fetch Germaine and I and we reached around 6pm. It was tiring..I wanted to nap *sob* but I gotta get my ass to Jusco to get some stuffs and Teddy's pressie.

My cousin ~ she got her two front tooth pulled out last week. Haha a brave child she is as she did not cry. *pats* See the food she's holding on her hand?it's my fav 'fu phei' made by granny~

Simply delicious~~~~~

Yummy yummy~

Bitter gourd soup

Ginger chicken

'Choi Tam'

Camwhoring with mah cuzzy when she's busy doin her homework lol my shirt's wet due to my hair.

Hmmm I'm too lazy to type now cuz I'm bloggin from 'Big tree leg' :P Below are pics at Jusco and Bar Room.

It's been so long since we club together...good catching up with y'all xoxo

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