Sunday, March 15, 2009

No Life......

I've been having a what Jill calls it a very unhealthy life. The approximate time I reach home everyday is about 4.30pm to 4.45pm, depending on the weather. Yes, just the weather because there's totally no jam on the highway that I use to travel to work. Even if it;s during peak hours. *grins* It's been raining like mad lately. And I'm so tired!! Sometimes I'd straight KO on the couch or halfway when I was watching TV. Who'd be able to resist such nice weather to sleep? Then I'd be waking up at 10pm or so to eat and shower as Jason and fatty finishes work by then. After makan, I was so wide awake, that I couldn't sleep even I force myself to. *screaming for help*

Will this go on for another month? I'd be having the same shift next month. I'd go insane soon. HAHAHAHA. But I enjoy working together with Mavis, Aileen and Ros. It's so fun! Tapao mihun and going for breaks together. *grins* Anyways more pics wil be up soon and nothing much happened lately as I've no life at all!! I'm sooooooo looking forward to the Redang Trip next week and I hope the freakin weather doesn't spoil it. *touch wood* And another trip (to Phuket perhaps) in July/August! *prays hard*

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