Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How do you feel?

Phone bloggin post :-

I love my job.

In fact I love it more day by day.

In regardless of how people describe me of my temper, and how am I gonna handle fussy customers, things are different when it comes to work.

I have had customers scolding and yelling at me, but I feel nothing. In return they apologized for being horrible to me. That felt good :P

Why? Cause they are not the people i love nor are they dearest to me. Plus, they are throwing their anger not at me, but the company.

Dun judge me when you dont really know me. And say terrible shits behind other peoples back all the time. I wonder how were you able to face them, hang out and joke around treating them as if he or she is your new bff? I have had enough of all these shits.

Yes, im being sacarstic now. But not fake. I own something that you prolly have no chance of owning for the rest of your life.

You gotta learn to be mean when someones stepped on your tail again and again..with no respect.

People who does not care of your feelings...they dont give a damn bout you.

Ok Im done posting for the day.

Gem of life is good. Ada Chois so pretty. Lol! But I couldnt take it anymore. Sleepy sial.


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