Saturday, October 25, 2008


Hoooooola guys!

Sorry for not updating my blog for sometime. Like anyone's reading :P

Nothing much to say except that I'm having a good time @ work.

Recap of pics taken @ Syuen Hotel during Mayble's sister's wedding.

We had vegetarian. *giggles* and I hardly knew her sister btw. Hardly know anyone there.

Our table consist of the 6 of us only.

We only took like 30% of the food.

Pictar time :-

I know i know......the difference of skin tone on my face.

Perhaps I forgotten to dab foundation on my forehead, praying beforehand that my fringe will cover it. HAHA!! Lazy me :P

Too lazy to edit pics btw. More pics to come.


  1. i do follow up on ur blog. :D

  2. hun, u r nice in purple ;)


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