Friday, June 20, 2008

Meimei =)

Took me hell long to uploads these pics. No idea was it blogger's fault or the TMnut fault -.- Anyway, Meimei came to stay for a week. She was so super cute still. When she runs, u'll see her hoping like a lil rabbit. but she nearly scared the death outta me, last week she learned how to climb the stairs. Brilliant! Way faster than my babies. Germaine is still afraid of going up the stairs. I don't know why. Maybe because she wants me to carry her. Pampered lorr =P Back to Meimei's story, she is a very obedient dog which follows me around, so when I was walking down a 3 steps stair, with her following from behind, out of a sudden i hear 'POK' and I turned around. There she was whining. I have no idea she bumped her head or she fell down whatsoever. Immediately she came to my lap and sit quietly, staring at me with her big round innocent eyes. But after few mins she was back to her active self. Pengsan :S Anyway here are some lovely pics of hers =)

Love the last pic of her sleeping. Doesn't she look cute. =) Btw, she loves sleeping in between hooman's leg.

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