Saturday, June 07, 2008

Dog Birthday Party Pics

This seems a lil outdated. The event was held on 31st May. Okies and the birthday boys and girls are Toro, Miki, Amos and Mikey. Say no more, and take a look at the pics..they're sooOooo many that i've only managed to upload some of it. (Credits to Sharon's hubby David and also Seven's master Alvin)

The VIPs

Miki (Schnauzer) and Sushi (not the birthday girl, but both have the same owner)

Amos with the Phua Chu Kang's hairstyle *grins*

Toro is bald today due to skin infection.

Mikey, the handsome boy..

Who has been waiting anxiously for the party to start in his cute lil trolley (Omg, my furkids will be drop dead jealous if they see this)

The Attendance List

Since both of my furkids are in Ipoh, I brought Meimei to join this party. She's such a naughty brat when meeting with other doggys. She's not scared at all despite her size, she can run the fastest and bark at other dogs larger than her. *pengsan*

Mikey's Mommy..they both has the same eyes

Mika, grown up so much since I last saw her pics =) She and Meimei both fought, chasing each other around *pengsan*

Copper, Catty dear's baby boy.

Cooper, elsie's baby. *grins*

Yuki, Jason's doggie with the cute lil ribbons

Boyboy, n3sbaby's furkid :D i didn't it was her until i saw her talking in the forum after the birthday party. Paiseh paiseh..

Sushi, she's on heat. So she wore the sanitary panty :P

Lucas, the very very handsome Schnauzer =)

Pekingnese of don't know what name.I have seen this furkid before at the Petster launch. He or she pee-ed on the Petster table before. Haha! I didn't know what name he or she was cause during the introduction part, I was busy chasing Meimei in the kitchen -.-"

Omg my dream dog. Cutie, the westie. Also known as Lucas's buddy

Winter, smallest dog at scene. Sooo super duper cute. Mogu's been waiting for her to appear damn long that night. Haha..finally.

Seven, a very manja shih tzu. She stuck to hero wner whole night @.@ Shy shy mah..

Busy taking pics de me..with dogging barking and running all over it was quite a havoc.

Dog, doggies, doggies and more

They have what they called butt smelling sessions

Mika and boyboy :P

Okay here comes the blowing candle session. It's strawberry flavoured cheesecake specially made for dogs.

Busy taking photos...

Owner trying to maintain balance while their furkids trying to hog the cake :P

what's Jenny laughing at?

All right...ready everyone?

Miki enjoying the cake..

As well as Sushi..

Catty dear offering some for boyboy?

Seven enjoying it as much as other doggies as well..

Daddy...can I have more?

Phew, finally done with the blogging. for more photos :-

Pics by Sharon's Hubby, David

Pic by Alvin

Thanks alot for the pics.

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