Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pulau Ketam Trip

*Pulau Ketam*

Went last week for a 2 day 1 night trip. It was cheap. For 60 bucks I can get a room, a meal with 10 varieties of seafood, K room, mahjong area, round island tour (bicycle riding) and also fishing. Nothing much to say tho, too much pic and too lazy to type. One thing, DO NOT visit the LOK HIAN RESTAURANT. They over charged and the food is dang dirty. Cause me to have stomach upset the whole trip. Enjoy the pic browsing.

Oh btw, a trip to the fish farm was RM20 per trip (without overnight). But If u'd like to stay overnight, you have to bring your own food, they provide kitchen there. They're charging RM60 per night as well. But I dun reckon you guys staying there cause no air con and the open air kitchen is so dirty. And at night by walking on the wood planks (in between the fish farm) you misk risk yourself falling into it. We're glad we stayed at the island itself.

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