Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May Shopping Spree =)

- May Shopping Spree -

I wanted to get a dress for my boo's sister in law. I actually saw a dress which i like very much @ Pavilion's Zara but the price was a bit high @ 250 bucks. On the other hand I saw another rare fluffy skirt @ Topshop which I liked so much. But this was much cheaper. So, today I decided to go try the Zara top. Btw, This dress wasn't avaiable at MidValley's Zara when I went last week so I had to go back to Pavilion. To my dismay, the dress was sold out and there were no more S size only XL sizes are available. Bummer!! I totally had no mood at all, and decided to try my luck @ MidValley..Voila! I found the dress and bought it on the spot!! Wee~~

Love it very muchie!

Black skirt ordered from joey =)

Black Charcoal mask from Carrie for me and my cuzzie

My first fishing rod which cost me 70 bucks :P So far hasn't get any fish with this. =(

These cute lil caps I got from Chloe (Green Pets) for the furkids birthday party end of this month..=) and I bought one for mei mei too

From lummy =)

And from dorene =)

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