Saturday, January 19, 2008

U're so gone and I'm haunted..and I bet you're just fine

I know I've been such an idiotic nuisance lately. Been very emo-ed and all. Throwing tantrums virtually and I shouldn't blame it on PMS. So I'm still awake at 5am in the morning updating my blog and spamming in LYN on Ipoh's Gathering -.- Trying to upload some photos here..So I shall start with what pressies I got for X'mas last year :P Haha. Followed by the reason why I was up in Genting last week..

This piggy can be unfold into a pillow :P

Mr Snowie

Salon's Beauty Parlor sleeping :P

Woke up and preparing to sew...

All the laces and hems..

Will be sewed into these :-

Btw I dont know why the pics above can be aligned in the middle but the below ones comes in pairs? Duh..something is wrong the blogger or is it me or the screamyx?

I mentioned before in my previous post who these people are..One of the performers in Genting..they looked better in real life than on posters -.-" I mentioned one looking like Wu Chun..he wasn't in the pic cause he left and he was so bloody stuck up -.- Oh I hope you notice their attires :P I wonder who designed for them. My bro did their hair for them.

I'm not sure was it the rain which drew the crowd of was it for these kids or the older generation singers =/

Lastly..Shining Sisters -.- I bet most of you guys don't know who they are ba haha..the head accessory :P Both sister are regulars @ my brother's salon.

OMG this post is so ugly the photos all went crooked..even my eyes :P

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