Friday, January 18, 2008

Have you had your lunch yet?

Don't make someone your PRIORITY when you are
only their OPTION
Yes I am so quitting Lowyat.Net. It's nothing but a waste of time chatting in Kopitiam (Only this thread :P I find other threads very informative especially pets and gaming section). But nah..not for the time being. I'd love to concentrate on my work and do something fruitful. Everyone came asking me why why why? Kepoh! Partly it's because of someone. (I admit I desperately need love, someone taking care of me, can't leave without a boyfriend or friends type of gal) I'd die of loneliness! Depressed. Plus, I'd be away. I am so moving on. Read my topic and you'd know. Great.
What excites me is that I'm gonna get my ass back to Ipoh today. Hell yeah I can stuff myself with good food finally. It's not that Tong's mother's cooking suck, mind you, I LOVEEEEE her cooking (especially soup) just that time doesn't permit me to go home for dinner. *giggles* Oh btw I heard there's gonna be another beach party coming soon.for CNY eh? *sighs* I'd only go if I get my 2-years-ago's-weight. :P I wonder who's coming back this year? Pretty looking forward to it =) Oh I'm gonna go have my shower. Leong is not answering my msg in messenger. Gone for DIY I guess. MUHAHAHAHAHA!
P/S : Sharon, I copyright-ed your FS shoutout. Don't mind eh? haha

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