Sunday, January 20, 2008


I'm so freakin dulan @ Jill. Waited for him four hours and yet he still hasn't show up. Am I over reacting or what? 10pm what time? 2 minutes past 1! ..What was I doing the whole time? Watching Astro while fixing my retarded blog. :P

While browsing for new blog templates, I came across this software called GIMP. A software similar to PS where you can download PS Brushes from Deviant site and use it. And it's free for life =D But I'm a noob in using PhotoShop. So I experiment it one by one...After an hour I gave up. .

My tummy wasn't feeling well due to I continued the drama on Astro. Suddenly I realized I still havent search on the cake recipe which I planned to 'try baking' Haha! ...Finally, I settled down on...

Tiramisu..Crystal had difficulty baking it. I doubt that I can do better. I'm a terrible baker. The easiest thang I made before was chocolate chip cookies and orange muffin. Should I settle on this or take an alternative? I don't think I am able to get Mascarpone Cheese nor Ladies Finger here in Ipoh *faints*

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