Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Chrismast is around the corner, and I'm back in Ipoh. Kinda sad that I couldn't be in KL. Tonight I'm supposed to go pasar malam @ Ipoh Garden East but someone misunderstood me and thought I cancelled. Celaka >.<
Was reading Peik Shean's Blog about her X'mas Wish List..I'm gonna list one down myself too =D

Dear Santa,

I'm not greedy, I only need the few things listed below. I promise I'd be a good girl after getting these stuffs @.@ (ROFLMAO!). Here goes :-

1. *brainstorming* The first thing that comes into my mind is a HP Laptop Desperately need one =D

2. Ipod Nano (Lost mine during last year's CNY, bloody cousin stole it. Hmpf!)

3. Pink PSP (Orite, tho i'm a DS fan, but there are some games I loved playing on PSP)

4. Shoes and only shoes, nothing but shoes =D

5. X'tina's Perfume (Not available in Msia I think. Love the packaging *smirks*)

6. Loads and loads of Animes (Lazy to download ba)

7. Clothes for CNY =P (clothes for my babies as well)

8. Someone to kiss under the mistletoe? *dreams*

9. A huge Yoshi plush toy (@ Sg Wang..darn expensive =/) or a Toad plushie

10. One year membership to gym =D

11. Loads of cash $$$$$$$

12. N95 Phone / iPhone (DJ Ipoh was using it the other day. Wi-Fi kat Sincero kononya. Walking here and there looking for right spot to MSN *sweats*)

13. A MyVi for my brother so that he doesn't have to walk so far to work when I'm using the car =)

14. A Luxurious Spa Visit, perhaps? (Muscles aching like mad)

15. Everyone having good health esp my doggies, granny, parents, brothers, and last but not least my friends =)

16. Dental Surgery Fee (I wanna change my teeth like Hilary Duff does XD, but it cost like 1K per teeth..terribly dear)

17. Grooming Course Fee @ 13K (Hopefully my dreams can come true one day =))

That's about it. Hmm..

P/S : I realized I left out Keeko's name in the tagged list. Sorry darling kakaka.

Dad bought a new webcam to communicate with Mum. Haha the other day I taught my mum how to use WLM (Windows Live Messenger), via e-mail. It took me 3 hours to gao dim everything *sweats* Need to get ready to go pasar malam already. Adios.

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