Thursday, September 06, 2007

Calling out to all dog owners, I'm sure you've heard about the stupid dog catching competition organized by MPS (Majlis Perbandaran Selayang)which comes with RM15K as the first prize. Not surprising that there's so many dog kena dognapped lately! It's just plain stupid. As I was browsing thru a forum, I found this :-

You see, dog saliva is considered as najis in Islam. So, we Muslims are to cleanse our body with mud. Why mud? It is already scientifically proven that mud act as an actibacterial agent. In my case, my vet recommended me Sabun Tahararah (mud soap). So my cleansing is much easier. But out of our love for the dogs, a little sacrifice and extra work is worthwhile.

Touching dogs is not 'haram' in just have to cleanse yourself lah..a bit, to simplified things the Malay parents will tell their kids...its haram...and its goes down to the next generation ! I dont think dog is deemed haram is Islam. Indeed, torturing dogs in the name of Islam or Haram, is against the teaching of Islam and is definately a sin. Dogs are also Gods creature !

Very well said. To those who freaked out for no reason (because some of them don't even know why they aren't suppose to touch dogs!), READ THIS!

Translation from Sin Chew Daily on 04.09.2007? (translation):
Title: Catch More Than 150 Dogs In 6 Months & Win More Than RM10000

1. Ceremony officiated by Dato Tang See Hang.

2. Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS) receives more than 80 complaints about stray dogs. MPS and the residents decided to work together to catch the stray dogs. This is the first time a local council has had a competition to catch stray dogs. MPS says they managed to catch 200 dogs every month, but the problem is not solved.

3. Starts at 2pm today, every 6 months they will give out the prizes.

4. The winner will receive RM15000, if the resident manages 150 or more dogs in 6 months. First runner-up RM13000. Second runner-up RM11000.

5. If cannot catch 150 or more, you can still win RM2000. Every dog = RM20.

6. ONLY for Selayang residents.

7. You have to take the picture, and call MPS 03-61204853 / 012-2701614 to come and pick up the dog.

8. All the stray dogs will be kept in the pound for two weeks. If not claimed, they will be put to sleep.

9. Surf for more.

To those who're against this -.- please sign the petition HERE


  1. Hi,

    Thanks so much for updating this matter on your blog.

    Please note that the petition has been revised and updated due to a technicality. The new petition is at

    Please use real names and valid emails to ensure integrity of the petition.

    Please visit my blog for latest updates on this matter.

  2. SILENT PROTEST to stop this DOG HUNT this SUNDAY, 9 SEPT

    Please see for details, latest updates and information on this protest.

    Please include a link to my blog to ensure that everyone gets the latest details and news to make this protest a success.


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