Friday, August 03, 2007

Murni @ SS2, PJ

The image below is my breakfast for today..NOT! lol Just Kidding =P My colleague gave it to me bah. I'm so so so hungry. Craving for food with hot soup. Yummy yum.

Not For Sale =P

Went to Murni for supper with my boo. As usual, packed with people.

Ribena Biasa..Wanted to order special but I don't think I couldnt finish. Not so into blended stuff. Get brain freezed easily.

Water Melon Special

Roti Telur :P Was feeling very full so I ordered this.

Makan Claypot

Claypot Lou Shue Fun..the Sambal was superb.

McD has this new sauce for their Chicken McNuggets. Lemon Tango, Curry, Thai and Mustard I think.

We ordered 20 pieces for supper two days ago, continously for 2 nights. Haha! Gemuk!

Of all the sauces, I still prefer the BBQ Sauce. If were to choose from the new sauce range, Hmmm....I'd take the mustard sauce =) Lemon was tasted more like mayonaise.

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