Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hectic Weekend

Sorry guys that I haven't been updating my blog. Kaddy and gang was up in KL for the weekend with all the catching up to do. On Friday, we were over at Darus (SS15) for a drink. I was so late, due to watching Pirates of The Carribean for the 2nd time (with Joe and gang). I was a lil confused about this episode. Oh well, maybe I'm slow in catching things up. HAHA! After TT @ Darus, we went over to Mich's house for Red Wine. *smirks* We managed to finish up two bottles of red wine. I managed to indulge two small cup of it. You know how I hated wines. We played cards. Who loses who drinks. By the time I got home it was already 5am.
To cut things shoer, the next day, Alan (not my brother) fetched us to club @ Poppy Garden. Well, it's my first time there. It was Jason's friend's birthday. When we arrived it was almost 12am. Not surprising that every club in KL is usually jam packed like sardine on Saturdays. We have like more than 10 humans sharing one small table. Tsk! One thing I find irritating is that the girls does not have manners at all. They just couldn't say "EXCUSE ME" when they wanna go thru the lane, they just grab you by your shoulder and push you away. TSK! WTF is this? Every girl is like that man! Mind your manners puh-lease! And I saw one disgusted thing where a girl just standing beside me grabbing her partner's you know what!
It was quite bored at first with my friends having their boo with them, when mine would rather hang out at cyber cafe rather than coming with me. Well nevermind. I have my brother. Just stood there, dance a lil, drinking, fagging, checking out the cute guys, and so on. But there weren't much. Thank god keeko and eagle came around 2am. At least it wasn't that BORED and make this outing felt a bit worthwhile. HAHA! It was quite fun by then. Went over for TT after the last call. Then FINITO and balik! When I reached home it was 5am. Two freakin days I haven't been getting enough sleep.
And today, I realized that I had grabbed the wrong key only after I close the door. Damn and now I have to wait for my boo to finish work @ 10pm to open the door for us. TSK!

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