Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm TAGGED!! (By Juin)

Okay..I've been tagged by Juin. But because her blog has so much things (part of the reason is that I seldom blog nowadays and she updates her blogs everyday!) It's kinda hard for me to catch up yanno?


1. Because I love taking photos and put it in my blog? It enhanced my blog in a way that it doesn't only filled with words but colorful and noob-ly taken photos.

2. Because I love crapping. Blogging, enables me to express my feelings. Well, not all but part of it.

3. Bloggin improves my English. Well, to be a writer is one of my interest.

4. Because it excites me to see my visitor counter increasing day by day.

5. OMG I can't even think of 5 reasons to why I BLOG? I used to think that Blogging is a waste of time. There are prolly millions of people bloggin in this world. Who would have the time to read your blog? Well the fifth one? I love to show off my baby Germaine. Love her loads :)~~~

Done. What's next? My turn to tag people ya? *smirks*


  1. i also always think that blogging is a waste of time. but now spend most of the time blogging tskkk waste time :P

  2. ahahahha yeah wo sometimes rather stick myself in front of the pc rather than going out. tsk haveto go MV fetch tong liao.


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