Tuesday, March 20, 2007

1st Date - Bark at First Sight

It was a super HOT afternoon. The owner is supposed to come and check up on the termites which are feasting on the outside toilet door. Before we managed to sneak Germaine into the car, the owner is already knocking on the door..with his wife! Quickly, Tong carried her into our room's toilet and hdie inside. After 5 minutes, they left and promised to change the toilet door. Reliefed and late for lunch appointment with the Crys..we decided to meet @ Ikano instead. So, we went to Island Cafe @ SS2. I had Butter Seafood Rice. Din managed to snap photo of the food cause we were SOOOO hungry. After dat we rushed to Ikano where Crys and Tim have been waiting for some time. Met met was sitting beside the bench with Tim on it, he looked grown up and so CUTE. Cuter than ever! This is the first time my baby met up with my god son. Tsk she barked so loud when I went to buy something. And she even PEE-ED in front of the cages where puppies were displayed. Mempersiasuikan! Naughty Girl! We had to use Cry's toilet roll to wipe the pee cause ours were left inside the car. After buying a leash and stuff for her, we went to Winters Warmers for a drink. Here are some photos. This outing didn't turn out to be as pleasant as I expect it to be. Germaine was so RUDE and harsh on met met. TSK!



    cant forget this days. really fun seeing her. although she not really THAT frenly hahah so fierce somo. grown up gal gal is lidat ge lo

    nowadays my boy boy also so notty sigh horrible attitude

  2. lol too pampered is like this de lar..will be uploading photos this sat..haih nextime bring card reader to my work place better


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