Friday, December 15, 2006

Shower Time

This is the 2nd time showering Germaine with Lanolin Oil. Today, before the session started, I readily mixed the shampoo with water in one 500ml mineral water bottle. And conditioner with lanolin oil in another bottle. This saves time and I don't want her to catch cold cause she shivers pretty easily during showers. One weird thing, everytime after shower, she'll run to the bed, turn and roll herself while snorting. I wonder if the shampoo or something gets into her eye? Hmmm, I\m not really good in cleaning the face yet. I have read from books, that I should use a towel to just wipe it. But I use shampoo to slowly clean the face part.

Anyway it took me and GG 15 minutes to finish showering her. She was shivering just after 5 minutes! Wiped her with her towel, then place her on the table and blow dry her while combing her. She kept struggling though. I'm not sure what makes her uneasy. Her fur is still half dry on the photoes above. I have to comb her 5 times to make it straight. Everytime I comb, she shook herself and I hafta recomb. Grrrrr

In this photo, she was playing hide and seek with GG. Haha! She wanted to bit on his necklace and lick his ear. She loves doing that.

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