Monday, December 25, 2006

Scchhhmerry Christmas! =)~

Merry Xmas everyone. Had a crazy celebration yesterday night at Y2K. It was a snow party with loads of balloon. I got one balloon popped in front of my pig face. Ouch it was pain. Had a very busy and tiring week last week. Went for interviews, view condos and apartments. When I was there, hanged out at MidValley managed to captured some of the decorations. It's the prettiest time of the year and they really forked out alot to decorate this place. I'm very impressed. But bad luck that I missed the snow session. I'm always there at the wrong timing.

This is the centre stage where performances are made at a certain hour.

The Gingerbread house. It's my fav color =P

Snowman and house. There's a skating ring behind.

X'mas Pressies for GG. Ordered from TMJ

Cute cute de bao bao.

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